1ST CHALLENGE! Create an Abstract Flower Challenge

Create an abstract flower illustration with depth and sparkle! Hi, this will be our first challenge. As you can see, for learning and relaxation sake, I am making our first forum challenge a graphic one. Jessica is a creator of artist brushes. She also uses Photoshop, something not many of us actually have, but most of us do have something very similar, such as Photoshop Elements, or even another software that is capable of creating layers, shapes, lines, colors, and effects. Some of you might even use Gimp, or Pixlr online. Whatever you have or use, this tutorial Jessica is … Continue reading 1ST CHALLENGE! Create an Abstract Flower Challenge

Are you fake or authentic?

Fakes are everywhere, and now that CV19 is part of life, and the internet has become even more of the work and social ground, the fakes are becoming more apparent. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages. They call themselves gurus, coaches, mentors, even friend, but if you can’t spot the fakes and phonies in everyday life, you are in for a heap of stress and aggravation! Continue reading Are you fake or authentic?