59 Days and counting!

WordPress.com Personal costs $48.00 a year ( not counting the domain name ), and it is set to expire in 59 days, on September 17, 2022. I have said several times in the last year, I will not be renewing this domain, as it is simply NOT worth the money. Therefore the domain name will revert to https://mydailyagenda.wordpress.com

While the blog itself will remain here, and even be updated with articles or posts periodically, the majority of activity will be at the Daily Life Agenda Blog (link at the bottom).

The only thing you get for the cost of a personal blog, is removal of ads, and as much as I hate 3rd party ads that I don’t place there, it is still not worth the price.

Worse, there are no features other than ad removal to speak of. Upgrading to another level is also not worth it, as I have mentioned, for the same amount of money each year, I run an entire 2 websites, and 2 blogs (NameCheap) ,have full access to scripting and html, AND can still attach more websites to this account if I want to, so why would I continue with paying for this one…. hmmm…

I also have invested in many other blogs and have turned a few of those into working websites as well. I have done this with 6 other blogs/websites, and it has only cost me 12 dollars a piece a year. PLUS, I can script and use html to my hearts content.

So this is another heads up, to visit and follow (and subscribe also) to the blog that is taking this ones place https://dailylifeagenda.com or https://dailylifeagenda.net

Join the mailing list and get free resale products, plus be alerted to new articles and more freeies.

See you there.

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