Alert to my Followers!

Hello to all my wonderful followers.

I am re-publishing this post again, because there is less than 3 months before the url of this blog, reverts back to the default address, which is

As stated below in the original post, I am not paying 48 dollars a year ND nother 18 for a domain name for what I can get for far less from NameCheap, that contains a full hosting package. My full blown store is on NameCheap, so as I said before, why am I paying a lot more for so much less, and we are only talking about the “personal” package.

Anyhow, please read the below to know everything, and at the very bottom, grab yourself a gift by subscribing to the new blog!

UPDATE: The new Blog Address is

You can also reach it by:

Although this will continue to exist here, and I will still from time to time add new items, I am working on transferring the better parts of this blog, and moving forward to Blogspot, and will also be attaching one of my domains to it. I have quite more than a few of you following me here, and would love to have you tag along.

The main reasons for this decision is based first on the incredible cost of hosting a simple basic site on the WP dot come, I just renewed this and it cost me 70 dollars. REALLY! My entire hosting and website where my main store is located cost me that much, and here, I can not even use a plugin.

The final decision came when once again, users of the platform here, are having new horrible things thrust upon them, like these useless widget boxes… NO!!!!!!!!

What worries me is my planner store is built on WP dot org, and they are also rolling this out, UGH!

Anyway, I can do the same “over there” as I can here for 12 dollars…. wow what a relief, and regardless of how limited someone may have heard the Blogspot platform is, I don’t find it any more limiting than the paid personal here. I will be d^mn*d if I am going to pay twice what I am just for the ability to plug an app in, or keep the ads off, which believe it our not was my foremost reason for paying.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up, and invite you to follow me over, and subscribe, or follow me there. I will soon post some type of banner or other alert to let folks know I will make that my main blog for this niche.

I already built my PLR blog there, which is an entry to my 3 PLR stores. That is already in the menu above. Green Content PLR.

So if you are reading this, jump on over to DAILY LIFE AGENDA and follow me there and subscribe to get a gift.

go to the DAILY LIFE AGENDA Blog and get a Free PLR Affiliate Pack of Articles when you subscribe. Find it under the SUBSCRIBE link in the menu at top!

You will be subscribing through Mailer Lite which sends out alerts for new posts and shop items from the main store, and all new subscribers get moved to the main list on SendFox where newsletters like this one are sent, which if you are reading this, you are already on the SendFox list.

Even if you are already on my mailing list, you can still subscribe. If you have trouble with that, just email me and I willl send you a link to the package!

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