Get rid of PayBully before you also fall victim!

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just blocked me for telling the truth.If you use this “pay processor” beware, they are on a rampant limit and freeze accounts marathon!!! After 20 years of no problems, no refunds, no complaints, they have taken my 400 plus dollars, and are asking for info an artist does not need or have…

I DON’T have suppliers or supplier invoices, I make graphics and sell them digitally…The internet is full of artists right now who are also having this issue.

I made a REALLY SMALL living on the REALLY SMALL sales I made, and there are scammers out there using this turd with no problems, yet they want to steal money from the likes of artists, small businesses AND senior citizens….

There are posts on Twitter right now, from people from 3rd world countries that are boasting WITH SCREENSHOTS of all the money and donations they have been collecting from people, we are talking into the 100’s of 1000’s….

See below for proof of shady activities.I noticed the BBB has countless complaints about them, and some of those complaints actually got resolved after the BBB got involved. How interesting….

perhaps AARP might be interested too.

If you are using this service, beware and get smart. Stripe is a much better service, and has a stellar reputation, paybully DOES NOT!

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