A New Evergreen Content Blog and Shop

Are you as tired as I am seeing the term PLR redefined to something else entirely. Well I sure am, which is why I decided to open an old school PLR shop and blog. As most of you know the printables store at Color My Agenda does carry PLR, but it also has an array of other items as well.

I started a new shop called Green Content PLR, and it is primarily old school PLR and MRR. That means you CAN use it and resell the products as PLR MRR RR AND Commercial Use if marked PLR, and the same goes for the old school terms for MRR. If you want products you can only sell to others as personal use, then your in the wrong place, baby!!

As I have come to say, “none of the new generation mumbo jumbo terms, just straight ahead old school PLR! It’s the Real Thing!

So if you are interested in real PLR, check out the new site, I have linked 3 shop options to it, including Etsy. I will add new items this week as I sort through the endless files and products I have to upload.


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