Authors Note!

I’ve originally written several articles and books under my own publishing brand Sojournstar Media as Angela Hobbs, ranging from writings on music and the industry, as well as fashion, and many other subjects.

I have also discovered books, articles and even photographs I had written and published over the years, either stolen and rebranded, or credited to another author by the same name, who is not and never was me, and unfortunately, attempting to get this rectified with the original distribution platforms and various other sources, has been unsuccessful. One of these books is on Amazon, and another on BN under a miscredited Angela Hobbs, but this was no fault of Amazon or BN, as another platform publisher I used for distribution is to blame.

Based on these findings, I have decided this year, 2021, I will begin authoring the publications I send in for distribution, under my first, middle and last name combined. I am still the same person, and am still the author of all the books, articles and images taken from me, but to avoid further confusion, and losing more of my work, I will now be known as CathAngela Hobbs for publishing purposes for books, and possibly in the future, art as well.

Please note, the following link goes to
NOT ME and this person is getting credit for my work, AND the sales!

To further clarify both the proof of this, and make sure other authors don’t fall into this dilemma,

please see the thread in my forum, containing screen shots of everything.

Stay away from the publisher that is showing in the thread!


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