Add your gift to the Better Me Gifts Giveaway

Is there an easier way to build your
subscriber base than to leverage the
power of a free giveaway event?

If there is, I’ve yet to discover it.

That’s why I’m recommending you add a
gift now to the latest “Better Me Gifts” event:

It’s run by a friend of mine, Carolyn Hansen.

Like all Carolyn’s giveaways it will
cost you absolutely nothing to join and
you’ll likely come away with hundreds
of new subscribers.

The event opens to members on Friday October 02nd 2020 @ 10:00:00 AM EDT,
so now’s the time to sign up and get
prepared for traffic.

Who’s she looking for in a JV partner?

I asked Carolyn what she’s hoping for
in the way of downloadable gifts which
you’ll provide in exchange for the
email address of giveaway members.

“The type of gifts I prefer to see,” she
told me, “are those that fall into one of
several categories – self development,
health, fitness, wellness… I especially
love these niches.”

“But we also accept gifts that deal
with mind, body, spirit, relationships,
and even business or finance.”

“In fact, any gift that will help someone
feel better about themselves on their
quest for improved health and greater

So… If any of this sounds like
something you might be able to help
her with here’s where you can get

And just to be clear – the idea here is
that for every gift you put into her
event you gain the opportunity to add
hundreds of new subscribers to your
own list.

If you already have an opt-in page then
you’re likely already offering a gift.

In that case Carolyn’s event is one more
way to get a TON of FREE leads to your
offer in a very short amount of time.

Seriously worth a moment of your time
to check out.

Angela Hobbs

P.S. If you skipped to end to get the
skinny on this, Carolyn Hansen is looking
for gift contributors for her upcoming
“Better Me Gifts” giveaway event:

If you already have an opt-in page this
is a great way to get traffic to it.

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