CMA’s Work From Home Success Giveaway

Welcome to our very first, “horse of a different color” giveaway!

Why do I call it a Horse lol, because much like the horse in the beloved fairy tale, this event is different from any other in this industry or niche, particularly the PLR and resale niche. This is a networking party you might say, but whatever you want to call it, it is fun, easy and effective when everyone promotes or shares.

There is still time to sign up to contribute to our first Work From Home event! The event goes live in just 3 weeks, but there is plenty of time to both promote for more contributors and contribute a gift yourself. All submissions will be checked for validity, so safe browsing, and submissions close the last day of September, and the event goes live on Oct. 1st, on the page built for this and future events here.

All you need is a free gift to add to the linking app, a landing page to collect an email address, and a thank you page with your download information, or other alternative to deliver your gift. GET IN now! Sign up free to add your contribution HERE!

Below you can see my PLR contribution in the graphics niche. Your gift can be anything that will help young and old entrepreneurs, alike, start or enhance their home business. Based on our existing and current world situation, working from home is the key to the future.

This is a special bundle of commercial rights graphics made especially for this Giveaway. You can use these graphics to create products you can sell. The image below only shows a small portion of what this bundle contains. Not everything is shown in the photo. This bundle is worth at least 70 dollars, your gift free in the giveaway. 

There is still time to get your own gift together and add it to this simple giveaway as a contributor. This is different, this is an open style link hop, and all gifts will be something the receiver can use to start or boost their business, and use commercially. If you want the code for this event, either add yourself to the mailing list (link lower bottom of side bar) or add your request to the form on this page CLICK

Package 1: Ballerina Dreams 
18 double journal page printable sheets (36 single pages when cut)
which includes 7 light pink pages featuring young ballerinas,
9 darker colored pages featuring adult ballerinas, 2 list and note pages –
1 book cover and 1 inside cover, 3 background papers,

6 sheets with tags and pocket cards, 3 envelopes, and
1 bonus folding table card.
Also includes PDF and PowerPoint file

Package 2: Divine Buddha
Contains 8 full sized journal pages 8 1/2 x 11 (16 pages total)
2 sheets of tags and pocket cards, 2 sheets of journal size envelopes.
Also includes PDF and PowerPoint files

Package 3: Asian (Bonus)
JPG sheets in A5 Letter size for journals, cover art, and more

Package 4: Bohemian Rhapsody (Bonus)
A collection of graphics and backgrounds for use in your own projects, planners, journals  etc.

Package 5: Vintage Garnet Alpha Set
includes png sheet and ASL Photoshop file

Gift includes license for commercial use plus resale rights.

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