CMA Work At Home Success Givaway.

Hello Fine People!

If any members here are on my CMA mailing list, you may remember my mentioning in a previous newsletter that I intended to begin a Givaway event for CMA soon. I mentioned it was going to be different from anything many of you were used to, and that it was not going to be served by any complicated, or marketing software. That is because the software app I use, is the oldest on the internet, that allows you to link or share numberous websites, blogs, or landing pages, and I have used it for years.

With that said, I am shooting for the first “CMA Work from Home Success Givaway” (GAW for short) to open on October 1st, meaning I am opening up submissions for other business folks to add thier info to the contributors list now. I know this seems a little early in advance, but since this is a brand new GAW, that will be time enough to gain contributors (to make this fun as well as valuable to both contributors, and recievers of your gifts.

In order to participate, you need a landing page, or page that can collect an email address, as the purpose is not only to give away a usefull product to help your own business, but to also help build your mailing list, and hopefully gain some new contacts.

Once you are in as a contributor, there will be 2 pages on the ColorMyAgenda website, one hidden in the menu which requires a password to enter. This is where the code will be for you to submit your landing page url, along with a photo and short description of your product.

The second will be in the menu soon, and this will be the landing page for the givaway. The page will stay the same, but the GAW code will change with each new givaway, and be replaced with any current ones. This is the code you will find in the password protected page, which will be moved to the second page when the GAW goes live.

It is a very simple process, simpler than using JV scripts, or organising what is known as a blog train, because each person will be adding thier own gifts, (I will check the submissions however) and there will only be one page to go to, a public page that anyone can stumble across as well as promote, where you click on each gift in a new window, which takes you directly to each persons website, blog, or landing page. WIN WIN, you get a new subscriber, and if you are sending them to your website or blog, they may also visit other pages at your site. even a landing page if used properly, can act as a substitute for a blog or website if you don’t have one yet (you can use MailChimp to create free landing pages and design them with extra info about you and your website)

Anyhow, if you would like to join the free membership, and participate in a new way of doing a GAW, use the following url to sign up. This subscription page is for members to get the codes, passwords and any info needed on the events being promoted. It is not for the newsletter, altho you may be merged with that list. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter list, without leaving the GAW list.

I hope to do at least another for December (Christmas) if not November, we shall see. Any questions you have here, you can certainly ask below. Hope to see many of you sign up.

Use this link:

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