Use The Force Luke!

Actually use an ad blocker! I recommend Ad Block for Chrome.

Why you ask. I make a habit of using an Incognito browser to see things as they really are when designing websites and webpages, checking my work because I use an ad blocker for normal viewing and browsing.

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For the first time I checked this public blog with the incognito on, and I was shocked at what I saw.

First I have no intention of buying into this paid version, one, I don’t need it, I have a fully functional website, built on wordpress, and two, my oppinion is the cost is too high just remove ads. I started using this public wordpress blog because I wanted to have another outlet to blog outside the store and website, but I had no idea the free version was so full of ads and pop ups.

I am truly sorry to those of you who do not use a blocker, and with that said, I want to say I use Chrome for a browser, and Ad Block as an extention, and I do not see any of it, so for the sake of my readers sanity, please consider an adblock of your choice.

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