Freedom and Independence

That is what I am calling an upcoming planner journal.

I am a misplaced Briton, my colors were red white and blue. I now live in the states, and the colors here are red white and blue. Of course both color themes are not meaning the same thing lol, but since the 4th is coming up in the states, I got to thinking. I know that Canada has their own celebration of Independence, as do we, but why should we be celebrating this right, only one day of the year.

We shouldn’t. We should be celebrating Freedom and Independence every single day. Much like a gratitude journal, we should be thankful for the freedom to think, and do, within the rights we were given.

Since a day of celebration is coming up, here is a little gift. You have limited CU rights, you can resell as is, unedited, as personal use if you choose, or just print it out and use it yourself.


I am working on, along with my basket of WIPs, a complete planner/journal for just that. Celebrating Freedom and Independence on a daily bases. Plus, why should celebrating such a thing be limited to red white and blue. It is because those colors symbolize the very essence of Freedom, and I want to tell everyone who has been grateful for anything from freedom of speech, to the independence of running your own life to know, this ones for you! <3

I will also have a special sale on selected products, I will let you know about that ahead of time, as well as 2 more givaways coming up. I will be giving away a 100 Bundle PLR in one of them, and a PLR Bundle on Plant Based Eating, so watch for those updates.

Till then,


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