Hello WordPress World

Hope I am finding you all in great health and spirits. It’s been the longest 2 weeks for me, seems there is a never ending amount of work to catch up on. I never expected things to be this busy, but I am guessing it has to do with the household being home more than usual. Honestly, it’s driving me a bit batty ! he he

If you haven’t been by the store lately, there has been a whole lot added, including some new and original PLR planners and books. I have a lot more to tie together and package waiting in my WIP folder, so it won’t be long I will be adding more.

Books to learn, and books to resell as your own!


Unique PLR planners by Yours Truly!

Brand them and sell as MRR/RR or your choice on your own website.!


There are even many new packs of gorgeous graphics for your projects! 


I did manage to get one product up at Lulu Publishing today, but I am sad to say I think they broke the site to the point of it being too much of a hassle to bother with. Not only did they remove the ability to make calendars now, including removing all the lovely ones I painstakingly took the time to create, but I spent 2 hours there, running in circles, trying over and over to upload a book for print, and instead of taking me through the publishing steps, it keeps stopping half way through (before description and price) and freakin asks me if I want to buy it. DRAT, they messed up a perfectly good site. I am so frustrated with them.

For my club members, if you have not checked your mail recently, there have been new additions in your members area. I have the July advance kit in the WIP folder, so that is coming on schedule. Those of you who have been thinking about club membership, you only have till midnight to take advantage of the 50% off price. Get a 3 month, 6 month or a whole year for 49 dollars, It works out to less than 5 dollars a month, hey, that’s a great deal, but HURRY, only today left to grab it.

I also added some convenient plugins to the store to make it a better experience for all. Specifically I have added a WISH LIST for my lovelies, so you can now save items to your accounts.

OH Did you say you wanted freebies? 

30 PSD Hand Drawn Underlines



24 JPG PSD Header Collection


HAPPY SELLING, These both come with PLR Rights! YAY! Enjoy!

Remember, just one day left (today) to take advantage of my half off Anniversary Sale! HEY, Todays is My Anniversary! WHOOP! The sale ends at midnight.

If you have not followed me on Facebook yet, I would be honered if you did. There are some plans to make some fun givaways there, and some more ideas in the works.Head on over and like the page please My Daily Agenda on Facebook

Till Then….

ALLONS-Y My Friends!

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