You’re Suddenly Working at Home, What Now?

BOOM! Just like that, you’re working from home, or worse, without work at all. I will be discussing some ways you can get a jump start on making some side living while this is all going on, or starting a new venture entirely. Right now, I want to focus a bit on those who are suddenly working from home.
How do you get organised and get things done when there’s so many distractions? The kids, the neighbors, your mate etc… not to mention the normal daily chores that you do around the home on a daily basis. While home working can deliver a lot of benefits, there are a lot of challenges it presents too.
Here are some useful tips you can follow when it comes to transitioning to working from home.
Set up a quiet work space
If you want to be sure you can get things done, it’s worth setting up a quiet working space.
Try and use a room that isn’t frequently used during the day. Place a sign on the door when you’re trying to work so others know not to disturb you. Make sure the space is comfortable as well, adjust the tempurature, get a comfy chair, work in your pajamas if that floats your boat lol, you won’t get a lot done if you aren’t comfortable.
Start as early as possible
One of the main challenges that can come from working from home is getting started as early as you can. Since I have been working from home for a good number of years now, I find that if I wait too long in the morning, the motivation, and inspiration I sometimes wake with is gone. For me it isn’t a choice, we are sharing one computer at this time, and even tho I usually have it all to myself, there are those mornings it gets away from me. It’s also tempting to sleep in and take longer to relax in the morning before starting if you suddenly find yourself working at home. However, this only zaps energy and your productivity.
The positive side to this is that the earlier you start, the earlier you’ll get to finish.
Set social media limits
You’ll have a lot more time to check in on social media when you haven’t got the boss breathing down your neck. However, it’s easy to waste hours using social media accounts if you aren’t careful. My suggestion is, unless part of your job is to promote or market to social media and internet, simply DON’T! Wait until your work for the day is done, then check in with friends, just like most any other work day in the office or store.
Maintain your usual routine
It’s really important to try and maintain your usual routine. This means, getting ready for work in the same way you usually do. So, wake up at the same time, have your usual cup of coffee and get dressed into your work clothes ( I know I suggested your pj’s earlier, but you really shouldn’t (wink). It’s amazing how much of a difference this can make to your productivity.
These are just a few tips I hope can help you when transitioning to working at  home. It can be a big adjustment, but there are lots of tools and tips out there to help. Trying to maintain your usual routine is one of the best things you can do during these changing times.
Now for some tips on getting ready for your day!

Starting your day the right way will ensure that you’ll feel calmer, happier and more productive from the start. It will help assure that you don’t waste time searching for missing or lost items. Remember that habits don’t happen overnight, they take at least 21 days to become ingrained into your normal routine so the sooner you start the quicker you’ll become a well-organized morning person.


Clean Up the Night Before

We’ve all been there when we’ve felt too tired to load the dishwasher, clear the counters or vacuum the family room. Spending a little time every evening tidying and cleaning away the dirt, clutter and debris from the day really will save you time in the long run. Make it a routine to involve the family by setting a time limit for 20 minutes and zip through those chores. If you’re on your own though,  it may take longer.

Prepare Lunches in Advance

Food preparation takes time and isn’t fun when you’re in the middle of something, but we all gotta eat, right. If you were really at work instead of home, you would be breaking for lunch too. Spending time preparing lunches for yourself, or all the family the night before ensures you all get a nutritious lunch time meal which will save time and money.

Plan ahead so that you know exactly what everyone is having each day of the week. This will make sure you buy or make everything you need so there aren’t any last minute panics.

Get Clothes Ready the Night Before

How much time have you wasted trying to choose what to wear in the morning? Too much probably and it gets worse if you have kids. Make sure the entire outfit is together the night before and place it on a hanger making sure underwear, shoes and accessories are with it. Even better is to organize the entire week’s wardrobe on a Sunday with everything hung in order in your closet ready to be wear on the relevant day.

Write a to Do List

Write down all the chores and calls you need to do the following day. If you need to post letters or packages then bag them and put them by the door. Your list will make sure you know exactly what you need to do and by having any items ready you won’t have to worry about it later.

Place things in Bags or Boxes

Spend time putting everything you’ll need for day in a bag or box the night before. You won’t need your iPad or laptop overnight so putting it in your bag or case before you go to bed will make sure you don’t go looking for it in the morning. Any work documents, school books, pens, paper, notebooks etc, should be put into bag or boxes so that they aren’t forgotten or mislaid!

These tips of course work great when you are able to return to work or school again, they are just common sense tips. If your children have gym class, football or another school or after-school activity then get the necessary kit ready in their bags before you head to bed. Put the bag by their school coat, and know in your heart there will come a time when we can all be social animals again. Chances are we might be more careful tho, not necessarily a bad thing.

Starting your day feeling positive and organized really does have a major impact on the way the rest of your day pans out. I make sure that any radio or telly is off, but any that might be on are tuned in to positive, light hearted and even comedic shows or music. When you are working at home, and everyone in the family is home, there will obviously have to be some comprimises, but generally your kids should be OFF the tv too. They would not be able to watch tv at school, so…. A chaotic start is hard to recover from. By developing the routines above you can be sure that you and your household will always start your day the right way.


Because staying at home presents challenges in health and fitness as well, I have a little freebie for you to help keep yourself in check. Just print it out and use it over and over. Personal use only, do not sell this gift.

AT Home Freebie- AHD-CMA


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