A New Journal and a Freebie

So many of us are stuck inside now, I thought I would create a new journal printable. This is a beautiful floral journal with 36 printable sheets.

You can use the printable to add to hybrid journals, plus anything physical item you create can be sold on Etsy of your website.


Check the below link to visit the product and flipbook at the store!


I also have a freebie for you. With things the way they are at the moment, and others cleaning out the stores in bulk, it is best you start planning meals ahead of time. We in this household realise that if things do not get better soon, we will probably be changing our grocery shopping, and recipes to suit the lack of meat, and other items missing now.

Luckily for me, my mother cooked plenty of soup pots and other things like beans and legumes, so our source of iron may be coming from those food items soon.

Anyway, hopefully you are all faring well, and hanging in there. Here is a little printable meal planner. Stay healthy!

AHD Meal Planner Freebie

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