It’s A New Dawn…. Eventually

You may find you have a lot more time on your hands due to the pandemic we are currently experiencing. Many will be watching the news or tweeting on Twitter etc, while some may be stuck and feeling anxious because they have no idea what to do with the down time.

I know it is hard to get motivated much of the time, especially when we all sit around and worry about this dreaded health issue, but what about putting some time into our businesses online, or even starting a blog or business of your own.
Here are some suggestions:

1: Now is a great time to create something new. How about using your mailing list to create an offer. If you haven’t yet started your email list, this is a great time to start. Create an offer for existing products, or build a new offer around a new product. Get closer to your audience, and ask them directly what they would like to see, or what would help make their lives easier.

2: Have a project, or a bunch of research material you have been meaning to read. This is the perfect opportunity. Finish that online course or book that has been sitting in your Google Drive or desktop for months. Tune out of distractions like the news, log off Facebook, and go for it. Create something if you don’t have anything else.

3: Lots of folks in the world right now who are feeling isolated, lonely and scared, and it might not get better before it gets worse.. If you’re stuck at home, try inviting some friends to a chat or project to work on together. There are places such as Zoom to use while still maintaining a safe distance. You don’t have to wait for an invitation to someone elses meeting or chat, you can create your own.

4: Try learning something new. Get or use your library card, you may be able to access some courses at no cost. There are also dozens of courses you can find and sign up for online. Try enrolling in courses for subjects you have always wanted to learn, now is the time.

5: Rework or redesign your website, blog or YouTube channel. Start a new website, or a podcast. Find new and interesting ways to add more activity to your online day. Do you have a lot of people that think like you do? Why not try starting a free forum just for your group. Much more control and privacy than Facebook.

6: Perfect time to get some exercise or start a daily routine. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and get toned. You can find Yoga instruction on YouTube. This is also a great time to plant a garden or do some landscaping outside. How about that patio you have been putting off. Are those patio tiles I see stacked up waiting for the right time, it’s NOW!. What activity do you still have on your to do “someday” list? Point made, lol!

7: How about teaching one of your skills to others. Those who are new to working from home, video conferencing can work for you, or you can create a course and submit it to one of the educator sites such as Teachable. You could also create a course that you offer through your blog or website, all you need is wordpad, Adobe Reader to create a PDF, or simply send out the lessons through email step by step. You can even start that free forum I talked about just for your course. There is one already started (which was put on hold) where you can see an example, or join and add your own input here:
What skills do you have that you can share with others?

8: You could start a passion project. Buy a domain with the idea of starting a blog about your passion. I started one awhile ago because of my love for vintage fashion and decor. Check it out here: Are there any passions you have you can put into a working model! What are you working on now? Hit reply at the end of this post and tell me what’s on your mind!

Whatever you decide to do, make your time at home count. Use the DVR to record a few shows, but spend the time improving your life and your business. Allons-y


Here is a little printable gift!


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