WOW, Great Response

I’ll be honest, when I finally got online this morning, I did not expect as good as a response to the new store launch as I saw. You people are awesome, and I am thankful for you. I had worked so long and hard the last couple weeks getting the launch ready, I took the time to “come in” late this morning, but never thought so many of you would have responded so quickly.

Those of you that now have a new product from the CMA store, if you opened your Affiliate Info PDF, you will see you are now also affiliates, (if you so choose to promote CMA and earn something extra) I set things up this way, (and for now is only available if you purchase through ) to add security to the program, as it is more likely people who have purchased a product, and wish to become affiliates, will be considered an elite group of members. Those affiliate members who choose to finish their set up and promote, will also receive special bonuses for acheivements, so either way we all win!

If you have questions, or need help with your setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and you should use the password and info you signed up to the store with during purchase, to log in.

I have noticed that for some reason, gmail sometimes marks mail coming from mixed feeds like CMA does, as “suspicious” even if we use reputable services like mailchimp, well… We are not … so please if you have subscribed to the newsletter that mailchimp is providing, please white list, or even look in that dreaded sp%m folder to see if we fell in there.


New products were added last night also, and intend to add a few more before the sale is over, so do hop on over there and grab some bargains before the sale is over on Monday night! The above is just an example of the new 180 page Big Business Planner in PDF form. Commercial Use OK for small business.

See you soon.

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