Working for the Weekend!

Hello fine people,
I hope your week has been really awesome. I of course have been working diligently trying to beat the timer deadline I set for the launch, which I oone, am ahead of YAY! and 2, is just a few hours away YAY!!
There are a few things I will continue to work on over the next few weeks, such as adding a membership for member only content, and a few more sections of help products along with the planners such as ebooks and coloring books. I even plan on adding a section for resale items you can purchase to brand and resell as your own, stand by for that.
In the meantime, our launch will kick off with a 50% sale from Saturday 12:05 AM (NYC time) until Monday at 11:55 PM. Here is the best part, everyone who purchases from the new store, will automatically have affiliate status, (if you choose) which enables you to create affiliate IDs for any products at (ONLY) and promote on your blogs, websites, or socials, for 25% of the sales. Our affiliate program is only open to customers of the store, this is for safety, and security measures for both you as an affiliate, and the store. So when you purchase your products at launch, be sure to download and read the PDF called Affiliate Info, as it has the links for you to login, and set up your accounts should you wish to promote and earn 25% of every verified sale. Payout at $25 through Paypal. I will also hand out bonuses to affiliates that drive a lot of sales, as incentive to keep promoting.
Also look for informative articles and freebies on the blog, as well as some other treats I have in store in my mind house ;) Be sure to sign up for the newsletter through Mail Chimp, which is sent automatically when new products, or blog posts have been added. You can also follow the WordPress blog at or subscribe through mail at WP. I continue to use the WP .com platform as a mirroring blog for SEO reasons, and if you stick with me, you will get valuable info on this and many other subjects to help your business or your daily lives, as well as a more freebies also.
Many ebooks and created planners, journals and coloring pages will be brand spanking new items that have never been available before now, and some of the freebies and older ebooks may be oldies but still goodies. Some of the links inside may have expired, but the info they contain is still valuabe, such as this freebie for you now… download it here>>  MonetizeYourBlog (1) 
If any of you have any requests as to themes, or pages you would like to see in the planner or journal department, please feel free to add them in the comments, or join our Facebook group at the side of the page (if you are reading this on the blog).
Till then, I will continue tweaking CMA, and look forward to Saturday! Happy Days!


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