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A New Evergreen Content Shop

Are you as tired as I am seeing the term PLR redefined to something else entirely. Well I sure am, which is why I decided to open an old school PLR shop and blog. As most of you know the printables store at Color My Agenda does carry PLR, but it also has an array of other items as well. I started a new shop called Green Content PLR, and it is primarily old school PLR and MRR. That means you CAN use it and resell the products as PLR MRR RR AND Commercial Use if marked PLR, and the … Continue reading A New Evergreen Content Shop

Get rid of PayBully before you also fall victim!

#AARP#BBB ##betterbusinessbureau @betterbusinessbureau @AARP @BBB so just blocked me for telling the truth.If you use this “pay processor” beware, they are on a rampant limit and freeze accounts marathon!!! After 20 years of no problems, no refunds, no complaints, they have taken my 400 plus dollars, and are asking for info an artist does not need or have… I DON’T have suppliers or supplier invoices, I make graphics and sell them digitally…The internet is full of artists right now who are also having this issue. I made a REALLY SMALL living on the REALLY SMALL sales I made, and … Continue reading Get rid of PayBully before you also fall victim!

The Tradition Of The Christmas Tree and New PLR Content

Evergreens were used to decorate homes during winter long before Christmas became a holiday. Evergreens were believed to keep witches, ghosts, evil spirits and illnesses away from homes where they were displayed. Germany is credited with the traditional Christmas Tree celebration of decorating trees and bringing them into their homes. It is believed that Martin Luther, the 16th century Protestant reformer was the first to add lighted candles to the tree. He wanted to recapture the sparkling stars on a dark night and how the stars illuminated his walk home, so he brought a tree into his home and placed … Continue reading The Tradition Of The Christmas Tree and New PLR Content

Halloween Templates added to the CMA Store

  Hello my friends! I know it has seemed like forever, it has for me, but I am slowly finding my “groove” again, after 2 months of what seemed endless distractions, chaos, and ill health. I have added 3 custom made templates to the Color My Agenda store. These are not PLR but they ARE genuine Commercial Use products. Antique Scissors Template   This sweet little tagger sized template will let you create unique images with or without vines around it. Some layer styles have been left open for PS and PSE users.   Read more Halloween Pumpkin Man PSD Template Commercial … Continue reading Halloween Templates added to the CMA Store